Why did we come up with Buzz Balance & Hangover Hug?

We love a good party as much as the next person. But we didn’t always feel so great the next day. It started out as a drink we could enjoy as a balance to the wine and cocktails we enjoy so much.

See, we tried drinking a glass of water for every glass of wine we drank, but as anyone will tell you, it’s really no fun going from wine to water.

Talk about a buzz kill!

So we tried adding a few different ingredients to water and found that Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to balance not only alcohol, but the whole buzz of life!

We take in more toxins in one day than our great grandparents did in their whole lifetime! Between pollution, our water, processed foods, GMO’s, antibiotics, daily stress, alcohol, etc. we need something to balance it all out. We know water’s good for us, but it’s so boring!

So we pumped it up and made Buzz Balance, and once we realized what we had, we went back to the kitchen and pumped it up again to create Hangover Hug!